Expressive and atmospheric oil paintings inspired by the coast and countryside

My most vivid and happiest childhood memories are of exploring the North Wales coast, endless hours spent beachcombing or scaling the peaks of towering dunes, all under the dramatic presence of the Snowdon mountain range.

Having grown up in rural Lincolnshire I now live and work in Yorkshire where I was born.  I’m at my happiest with walking boots on and a map in hand, exploring the rugged beauty of the British coastline. When I’m out walking I’m constantly taking in my surroundings and absorbing the atmospher of a place. These captured moments join my memories and as such my work is an amalgamation of recollections and more recent observations and experiences which, when I return to the studio, translate into my atmospheric sea and landscape paintings.

It’s the emotional connection to our place in nature that I explore in my paintings, – how we experience the world here and now; our emotional response, beliefs and attitudes towards the natural environment.

The ambivalent forces of nature are a running theme to my work. Nature is often associated with peace, calm and beauty, but nature also has a wild side which is cold, dark and dangerous. It is these wild places where one can retreat from civilization, reconnect with the Earth, and find healing, meaning and significance that I explore in my atmospheric oil paintings.

My work emerges from layers of oil paint which give my paintings substance and texture. By focusing on the energy of a place rather than an actual representation I aim to suggest a sense of solitude and contemplation in my work. To offer the viewer a chance to pause and reflect on the memories and emotions that the often powerful or sometimes benign presence of nature may evoke.

I’m not a painter whose work is predominantly about recording every nuance and fine detail of the natural world. My work is as much about expressing my inner feelings and my connection to the elemental forces of nature and so I don’t usually inform the viewer of the location of my particular influences allowing them to make their own connections.

I encourage you to explore my latest work as my paintings say so much more than the words on this page can communicate. Should you wish to find out more about my work please don’t hesitate to contact me.